The Puppet-Master by Josh


The Puppet-Master was a strange fellow, unusually quiet unless performing. He was brought up by his mother and father in the great land of Elswear, his Parents owned a puppet show in the middle of a small village called Afterand. The shows were loved by all kids on Elswear, people would travel across the Island to see their shows. However, as the people of their hometown grew older, they overcame their childish passions for the show. The family business had fallen off, but age catches up to everyone, thus The Puppet-Master had grown too. He began secretly learning illusion magic behind his parents back.

The island of Elswear consisted of Khajiits, so he was naturally cunning. Once he knew the basics, he started using his magic to lure people in and watch his parents show. Business was booming for the khajiit family, his parents were happier than ever. They were delighted but also confused, why was everyone suddenly interested in watching the show again? They asked their son if he knew why this was, he acted as if not with a confused expression on his face but eventually gave in and told them what he had done expecting them to thank him. Instead, they gasped and shouted at him, he was shocked, he told them they should be grateful for what he had done, he had revived their business and made them a fortune. His mother broke into tears, his father comforted her and angrily exclaimed that he no longer wanted anything to do with his son. The Puppet-Master thought about arguing back but decided if they can’t appreciate his help, they don’t deserve it.

He left home in tears, telling himself not to be sad about the loss of his parents and that he should be glad he left. He would get back at his parents for what they had done, he continued learning illusion magic. The Puppet-Master was smart though and decided to learn conjuration casting so he could show his parents what real puppets look like. After 5 or so years of living in the wilds of his homeland he had nearly mastered the illusion and conjuration arts. The clever khajiit headed to a nearby town and walked into a clothing shop, he brought the finest pair of clothes to the man running the store. The man scoffed and said that The Puppet-Master didn’t look like he could afford such an item, but The Puppet-Master looked into the man’s eyes and just with a stare managed to alter the workers mind and claimed the posh outfit as his free of charge.

He walked back to where it all started staying calm the whole way. Once there he walked into his parents old theatre which was now where they lived. They looked at him and his father stood up instantly, he shouted at his son, saying he told him never to come back here. The Puppet-Master grinned and shot a spell directly into his fathers head, no damage was done but his father instantly screamed in fear and cowered in the corner of the room. He then turned to his mum with a smug expression on his face, she promised him riches only if he left and never returned. The khajiit laughed, he wasn’t after money anymore, he conjured an 8ft frost atronach that towered over his mother. She too cowered in fear, The Puppet-Master shouted at his atronach to kill both of them but not damage their bodies in the process. The enormous creature turned to the mother and father who were huddled in a corner, The Puppet-Master laughed with glee at the sound of his parents screams as they were frozen.

He trotted over to his parents bodies and looked over them with pure joy. He emptied their bodies with a dagger he conjured seconds before and stuffed them with old wool from around the house. The Puppet-Master then put up a sign announcing the show would be re-opening, all the kids of the village were delighted, he then performed every day for the children continuing his legacy until death and yet still none of the kids know they were his innocent parents…

Written by Josh L


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