Heat transfer experiment

MEL science, Heat transfer.

I fancied doing and interesting activity, so I decided to look around for something to do.  I found the MEL science stuff and was like “Hey I like heat!” so I grabbed the box and had a look inside.  I started getting things ready and experimented.  First I grabbed a big jug and filled it with boiling hot water.  I decided to do it on the floor to make less mess, I experimented putting different materials on the heat sensitive paper to see how they would react and what transferred the heat best (the metal rod).  The things you can do with heat, metal and brushes is amazing. I had a wonderful time and I definitely would recommend to others that they try a similar experiment!

MEL science Heat transfer has a lot of options to choose from, varying from Heat tracing, Thermal racing and more.

 ” I had some great fun making some experiments of my own. ” – Ted

I enjoyed making the heat appear in many different ways, it filled me with joy!


Note from facilitators

The writer and scientist is T,  a 13 year old PDAer. He spent Key Stage 1 in mainstream school though found it difficult and then impossible to attend. His diagnosis came in year 2 shortly before he was removed for his mental health. He has struggled with school related trauma and learning anxiety since. The learning pod’s approach of facilitated autonomous learning means T can access education like this for the first time in many years. He is choosing to learn in his way with a team who are supporting his goals.


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