Tomlin Wilding

Neuropsychology specialist

Hi, I’m Tomlin. I consider my role in life as an educator. To me that means learning as much as I can about the things for which I am passionate, and then presenting my gained knowledge and understanding to others in a way that supports their life and their own learning, and in doing so benefits society. Equally I feel that my role as a parent is as the ultimate educator. I am a guide, a knowledge base, a mentor and hopefully someone who inspires a continued desire to learn, as a parent, a writer, a speaker, a campaigner and an entrepreneur.

Pronouns: They/them

Role in the pod


Human needs coordinator

Educator & facilitator

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I am a third dan black belt and level 2 coach. I specialise in coaching people to increase confidence for increased self-worth or for gradings, focusing on skills, increasing understanding, self-esteem and mental resilience.

Chaos and calm

I study the secrets of the world in depth, but first and foremost I look inward and search for meaning in myself. I practice yoga, meditation and folk magic with a strong faith in chaos as the basis for of the Universe.

Complete nerd

My special interests lie in TV series and movies, especially in crime fighting or fantasy such as Bones, Stranger Things, Star Wars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel and many more geeky treasures. I also really really like tea.

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